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CALSEIA is continuing to keep California's solar industry on top, but we can't do it alone. Powerful organizations are leveraging their resources to lobby congress and your state legislatures to stop the solar industry from growing. Join our action alert email list and support our advocacy in your state!


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The near-term growth of the State of California's solar industry is dependent, in part, on national and state policy. One way Californians can be effective public policy advocates for the solar industry, the environment and the jobs it can create is through a strong, well funded, vibrant PAC. As a maturing industry, we all have a responsibility to support policy makers who will back pro-solar policies and to provide financial contributions to the political campaigns of key policy makers in support of solar energy in California.

CALSEIA's SUNPAC (Political Action Committee) allows supporters of the California solar industry to support Local and Federal candidates who are committed to expanding the use of solar technology in our states market place and who will promote a legislative and regulatory climate that is favorable to the California solar industry.

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