Member Benefits


CALSEIA is THE voice for California's solar industry that includes: Project Developers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Financiers, Distributors, Installers, Service Providers, Utilities, Engineering Firms, Consultants, Law Firms, and more. CALSEIA is focused on protecting, growing and promoting YOUR business. An investment in CALSEIA is an investment in your business. 

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Complete suite of top-notch policy and lobbying staff advocating on your behalf before the state legislature, CPUC, and and all other relevant state agencies.
  • Up-to-date information on business and policy trends affecting the California market.
  • Numerous statewide and regional networking opportunities via chapter meetings, conferences, and more.
  • Weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on the biggest issues affecting California’s solar market.
  • Free webinars for members and opportunities to sponsor webinars to get you in front other businesses.
  • 25% exhibiting and registration discounts to Intersolar, California’s premier solar conference.
  • Discount tickets to Solar Summerfest, the state’s biggest solar industry networking event.
  • Open participation in regional chapters: San Diego, LA, Inland Empire, Central Valley, Bay Area, North Bay.
  • Voting rights for CALSEIA board of directors.
  • Full access to CALSEIA policy committees and developing CALSEIA policy positions and priorities.
  • Customer referrals via website and consumer hotline.
  • Free advertising and visibility for your company via weekly newsletter, website and media team.
  • Management of SUNPAC, CALSEIA’s political action committee, to make sure pro-solar legislators get the support they need to fight for us in the state capitol.


You have a voice within CALSEIA 

One of the things that make CALSEIA unique is our ability to look out for the industry as a whole. No one company or industry segment has undue influence in our work. We prioritize the big stuff, such as defending net metering or creating new incentive programs, but are agile enough to make time for the small details that can become monumental problems if left unaddressed, like helping you fight local permitting issues. Through our democratic organization, amidst the fast-paced, ever-changing solar marketplace, CALSEIA works like a team, fighting for each member--big and small, PV and thermal, alike--while taking the long-range view to support the health and continued growth of the entire solar industry.  

Why your membership matters

CALSEIA is not just a democratically run organization in which all companies, both large and small, have an equal voice in our activities; we are also a democratically financed organization with the majority of our revenues coming from individual companies, large and small, and across all industry segments. This fundamental organizational structure, the opposite of “pay to play”, gets at the very heart of who we are as an organization, and is the foundation of our strength as an Association. The more companies that participate and contribute to CALSEIA, the stronger and more effective we are. Allowing only a handful of companies to foot the bill creates a weaker industry voice in California and allows other, less-democratically run organizations, come into California and shape policy outcomes to their narrowly defined advantage. Join CALSEIA today and keep this important 40-year-old institution fighting for you and growing stronger every year. 




Policy will make or break your business

Policy is king in the solar industry and CALSEIA has a long track record of effective advocacy for solar. CALSEIA is the most experienced solar advocacy organization in the state with such accomplishments as The Solar Rights Act, California Solar Initiative, California Solar Initiative – Thermal, C-46 licensure for solar contractors, the Governor’s permitting guidebook, and many more successes. Most recently, CALSEIA is engaged on defending net metering at the CPUC as a result of AB327. 

Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curve

CALSEIA can give you business the upper hand when it comes to staying on top of the latest market trends and industry developments. CALSEIA is on the ground at the Capitol and at the CPUC, getting the latest news that we distribute and provide timely analysis to our members. Stay informed through our Weekly Update Newsletters, action alert emails on breaking news, by joining committees, or through our webinar series on the topics important to your business.

Expand your Business Through Networking 

CALSEIA affords you numerous opportunities to network with fellow member companies and promote your business within CALSEIA.  Whether you regularly attend conferences, or opt for smaller, local, avenues to network, CALSEIA can provide you with valuable opportunities to engage with fellow industry members from every segment of the industry. CALSEIA members receive 25% off exhibiting and registration and Solar Summerfest tickets at Intersolar North America. That means the savings alone that you receive from an exhibitor’s discount, could pay for your CALSEIA member dues! Additionally, CALSEIA encourages 

Explore Business Development Opportunities

Because consumers and business trust the CALSEIA name, we direct referrals daily to our online Member Directory. We also offer our official member seal and/or logo for our member companies to brandish on their websites, business cards, and email signatures. Additional business services include opportunities to strengthen coordination and networking between manufacturers, installers, distributors and the other key players in the industry through our local and statewide meetings, events, and webinars, whether through hosting, sponsoring, or merely attending. CALSEIA also offers media services to our members including publishing press releases and news, media referrals to member companies, and other promotional activities. CALSEIA's limited 'President's Club' offers members VIP access to exclusive events, generous discounts, and increased visibility in the organization.

  • CALSEIA News
    • Submit your news and press releases to our newsletter and website
  • President’s Club
    • Increased Visibility
    • Sponosor Ads
    • 2 VIP tickets to Solar Summerfest with VIP lounge
    • VIP event invitations 

Tools and Programs to Advance your Business

CALSEIA members enjoy huge discounts on exclusive CALSEIA events and conferences, including the largest-attended solar conference in the US, Intersolar North America, and the great program and conference sessions available to keep you ahead of the game. Members may access a variety of time-saving tools, templates, and resources such as quick links to policy proceedings, sample HOA letters, and timely, in-depth analysis from CALSEIA's policy experts. The backbone of CALSEIA's work is largely done through our numerous committees and working groups, and in

Diversify Your Markets by Getting Involved in Regional Chapters

As the old adage says, “all politics are local”. CALSEIA provides you with representation not just at state level, but the local level as well. Through our 6 active regional chapters (with more to come), you can engage on issues of regional concern that affect your business. For example, is there a CCA movement afoot in your region? Through your CALSEIA Chapter, you can help shape local markets and grow your business. Looking to break into a new or different market? With all the idiosyncrasies of California’s diverse regions, CALSEIA’s chapters can provide you with the expertise to penetrate a new market. Chapter meetings and events provide great opportunities to network with vendors, get in front of potential customers, form valuable partnerships, or just enjoy the camaraderie of fellow solar industry members.

  • Regional Chapters
    • San Diego
    • Greater Los Angeles Area
    • Inland Empire
    • Central Valley
    • North Bay Area
    • Bay Area
    • Sacramento (coming soon)