Contractor Day at Intersolar North America 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015  |  10:00am–5:00pm  |  Moscone West, Level 3 

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This is not your typical conference experience. CALSEIA’s Contractor Day is an all-day all-inclusive package deal designed for both the sales and installation teams of your contracting business.

Package includes:

  • Six workshops on hot topics relevant to running your day to day business. 
  • A full-day pass to Intersolar’s Expo Hall featuring more than 550 exhibits
  • A complimentary pass to CALSEIA’s premier networking party, Solar Summerfest, with excellent food and an open bar. Can you say free beer?
  • A  lunch-time conversation with CALSEIA’s executive director and policy director in an open Q&A format (lunch included)

This is an incredible deal. The value of several of these items is worth more than the ticket price. So get your tickets today. Space is limited.

$195 CALSEIA Members







Permit Streamlining  

AB 2188 mandates a streamlined, standardized method of permitting for small residential PV and thermal systems statewide. The state’s Guidebook for Streamlined Permitting contains all the standard documents that 500+ cities and counties are expected to conform to. But how are cities and counties responding? What are their questions about how to effectively meet the goals of AB 2188 while maintaining their obligations to public safety? What can contractors do to smooth the way for effective implementation of AB 2188?



String Inverters vs. Microinverters   

Different products serve different functions, yet there’s a great debate between what’s best for residential and small commercial applications: microinverters or string inverters. Come participate in a lively conversation highlighting the strengths of each product, along with optimizers, and get some of your burning questions answered by the experts themselves.


Batteries & Solar for Residential & Small Commercial

Pairing storage with solar PV installations appears to be the next big train coming around the bend. Yet, how do established contractors incorporate it into their business? What’s the sales pitch for the homeowner or small business owner? How does the installation differ, if at all, after you add storage? What’s the appropriate battery type and size for different installations? Come learn some storage basics from the battery and bi-directional inverter manufacturers themselves and see if storage is something you want to expand into.  


Tools and Techniques to Get and Stay Competitive in Solar Installation

Residential solar has become more price sensitive and competitive in recent years, demanding installers look more closely at how they acquire customers and deliver projects. Soft costs are in the crosshairs of opportunity for cost reductions. In this panel, we will explore some of the tools and techniques installers can use to lower soft costs while driving installation quality and customer satisfaction - from site evaluation and system design, to sales and project delivery.


The Great Racking Debate: Comparison of Racking Products for Homes

Rail-free or rail-based? That’s the question! Come participate in a lively conversation highlighting the strengths of each product, along with appropriate roof attachments for each, and get some of your questions answered in this unique forum.




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