CALSEIA recognizes that customer confidence in products and workmanship is key to achieving this mission. CALSEIA has a Code of Ethics that its members must comply with to be considered in good standing. CALSEIA has established an Ethics Committee from its members to investigate complaints from solar customers who have done business with a CALSEIA member.

Authorization to Investigate
Code of Ethics

Authorization to Investigate

CALSEIA’s complaint investigation is an open process. Any investigation will be with the full knowledge of all parties involved. A copy of the Complaint will be sent to the company you have named. The company will be given an opportunity to respond to you and to CALSEIA. In the event the company involved in your complaint is not a member of CALSEIA, CALSEIA cannot compel any response from the company.  However, to the extent CALSEIA can respond to complaints in a way that is helpful or informative, CALSEIA will endeavor to do so. Complaints outside of California should seek assistance from a local solar association, or state and local authorities. The Contractor State License Board is an excellent resource in investigating both licensed and unlicensed contractors in California.

Complaints may be investigated by CALSEIA if a complete Authorization to Investigate is received by CALSEIA. CALSEIA will not investigate anonymous complaints.

On behalf of the California Solar Energy Industries Association and its membership, we wish to thank you in advance for your cooperation with our Ethics Conduct Investigation. To most effectively serve all parties involved in the allegation(s), and to assist in resolution, please provide the information requested on the form below. You may return the form by mail or by email addressed to: CALSEIA at 1107 9th St., Suite 820 Sacramento, CA 95814  or (email is preferred).

Code of Ethics

The California Solar Energy Industries Association and its members recognize certain obligations to the general public, to their customers, to the solar industry and to related professions and industries. These obligations bind the members of the association to conduct business and promote their products and services in a manner which assures the public health, safety and welfare through careful design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar energy systems, and which contributes to the professional advancement of the Solar Energy Industry. To fulfill these obligations, members of CALSEIA pledge to uphold the following Principles:

Fundamental Canons

  • Members shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their duties.

  • Members shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees.

  • Members shall maintain the highest ethical standards of advertising, selling, installation and service guided by the principals of honesty and integrity.

  • Members shall avoid deceptive acts in the solicitation of solar work.

  • Members, to the best of their ability and knowledge, shall install systems in compliance with applicable codes and standards.

  • Members shall offer and honor clear, understandable warrantees that comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.

  • Members shall not falsify or permit misrepresentation of their professional qualifications (license status, years in business, etc.) as a solar contractor.

  • Members shall present honestly the capabilities, performance, and energy savings potential of solar products and systems.

  • Members shall employ well-trained sales personnel to provide customers with up-to-date, understandable product information.

  • Members shall quote realistic prices and completion dates, and absent any unforeseeable factors, shall strive to fulfill the estimates.

  • Members shall not knowingly quote a project that does not meet solar and other applicable codes or knowingly present bids on work with the intent on profiting from change orders, (which is considered a significant deceptive practice).

  • Members shall perform contracting services only in their area of expertise.

  • Members shall not affix their signatures to any plans or documents dealing with subject matter in which they lack competency.

Professional Obligations

  • Members shall be guided in all their professional relations by the highest standards of integrity.

  • Members shall admit and accept their own errors when proven wrong and take appropriate action to correct the error.

  • Members shall observe and foster the highest standard of safety and working conditions for employees.

  • Members shall not attempt to injure, maliciously or falsely, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation and practices of other members, and not untruthfully criticize other members.

  • Members shall actively participate in the training of skilled tradespeople for the future welfare of the solar energy industry.

  • Members shall not attempt to attract an employee from another firm by false or misleading pretenses.

  • Members shall endeavor to extend public knowledge and appreciation of solar energy systems, their achievements and effect on the environment and to protect the solar energy profession from misrepresentation and misunderstanding.

  • Members shall avoid all practices which are likely to discredit the profession or deceive the public.

Ethics Committee

Chair: Ed Murray, Aztec Solar