CPUC Makes Decision to Include Commercial Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems into CSI-Thermal

San Francisco -- The  CPUC has released it's Decision regarding the inclusion of commercial solar swimming pool heating systems into the existing CSI-Thermal Program.  The decision, which can be viewed here adopts all of CALSEIA's recommendations with the exception of our recommendation that an incentive cap of 50% of system cost be adopted.  The Decision leaves open the ability of the Program Administrators to revisit the incentive structure if system pricing issues arise.

Additional work remains regarding the adoption of specific rules, particularly in the area of the on-line system performance calculator which will be used to calculate individual system incentive levels.  CALSEIA will keep you posted on this effort.

Thanks to all Members who supported this highly successful undertaking through your CALSEIA membership. Under the leadership of Bernadette Del Chiaro, as our Executive Director and Solar Heating and Cooling Committee Chairman, Les Nelson, we are confident that this, and other opportunities going forward, will continue to accumulate for California's solar industry.