Energy Storage

Scoping Member on Storage Procurement

PG&E Storage Procurement Plan

SCE Storage Procurement Plan

SDG&E Storage Procurement Plan

CALSEIA & SEIA Joint Reply Comments

CPUC Request for Comments on Battery Safety


Solar Water Heating

Assumptions in the Pools Incentive Calculator

Recent Changes to Pools Incentive Calculator

CPUC Review of CSI-Thermal Program

CPUC 2012 Decision Increasing CSI-Thermal Incentive Levels

CALSEIA 2012 Petition to Modify CSI-Thermal Incentive Levels


PG&E Commercial Rates

SDG&E Commercial Rates
SCE Commercial Rates

Residential Rate Structure 

Scoping Memo on 2015-2018 Rate Change Proposals

CALSEIA Pre-Hearing Statement on Residential Rate Change Proposals

PG&E 2015-2018 Residential Rate Change Proposal

SCE 2015-2018 Residential Rate Change Proposal

SDG&E 2015-2018 Residential Rate Change Proposal

CALSEIA Comparison of 2014 Rate Change Proposals

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