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2015 CALSEIA-Sponsored Conference Sessions:

Reinventing Regulation for the Utility of the Future

Monday July 13 1:30-3:00
  • Jon Wellinghoff, Stoel Rives LLC
  • Ron Nichols, Senior VP of Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison
  • Ryan Hanley, Director of Grid Engineering, SolarCity

Moderator: Ben Airth, Center for Sustainable Energy

The utilities need to evolve to meet the challenges of the future. What will that look like, and how should the rules of the marketplace be updated to keep pace? New York is promoting a bold new vision for rethinking the nature of utilities. What can we all learn from their experience so far?


Advanced Grid Functionality

Tuesday July 14 2:00-3:45
  • Frances Cleveland, Smart Inverter Working Group
  • Ryan Katofsky, AEE
  • Emma Stewart, Principal Scientific Engineering Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
  • Matt Smith, Silver Spring Networks

Moderator: Brad Heavner

Solar is evolving from simply generating power to being one component in an advanced network of energy services. When will the electric grid meet “the Internet of Things,” and how will solar fit in? More immediately, Hawaii is already battling the technical limits of solar penetration for its current grid infrastructure. California is attempting to get ahead of the game to make sure the same thing does not happen there. Find out what needs to be done to increase grid integration of solar.


Solar Water Heating – The Next Evolution

Wednesday July 15 9:00-10:45
  • Bob Leckinger, FAFCO
  • Mike Healy, Nextility
  • Brad Heavner, CALSEIA
  • Tim Merrigan, NREL

Moderator: Adam Boucher, Promise Energy

California has expanded rebates for solar water heating systems and the market is responding. New technology integrates water heating and electricity production in one panel. Looking to the future, a debate is brewing on the best technologies for zero energy buildings. Where is this market heading?


What Is Happening with the ITC and What Should You Do About It

Wednesday July 15 9:00-10:45

  • Todd Foley, ACORE
  • Bernadette Del Chiaro, CALSEIA
  • Nic Stover, CalCom Solar
  • Andrea Luecke, Solar Foundation 

Moderator: Brett Weal, CohnReznick

The ITC is arguably the single most important policy driving solar deployment throughout the U.S. With its 2016 expiration looming, what is being done to extend it? What are the chances of a successful extension? What does it mean if Congress fails to continue the ITC, particularly for the nation's largest solar market here in California? How will the consumer driven market respond? And, what can you do about it?


Smart Energy Future: Zero Energy Buildings / Green Industry Parks

Wednesday July 15 11:15-1:00

  • Patrick Sexton, California Energy Commission
  • Ann Edminster, Net Zero Energy Coalition
  • Byron Washom, UCSD
  • Dr. Matthias Vetter, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy
  • Dr. Bernd Dallmann, Freiburg Trade and Tourism Bureau

 Moderator: Bernadette Del Chiaro

In many places, it is cheaper for home-buyers to roll solar into their mortgages than to buy all of their electricity from the grid, yet most new home construction does not include solar. Microgrids can be a game changer for zero energy campuses. Hear about the opportunities and challenges of making solar mandatory in the building code and converting industrial areas into green industry parks. What can companies contribute to climate protection and which technical solutions are there for implementing an overall strategy for energy saving?


Net Metering Debate

Wednesday July 15 2:00-3:45

  • Joseph Wiedman, Keyes, Fox & Wiedman
  • Dan Halperin, Pacific Gas and Electric (invited)
  • Sara Baldwin Auck, Interstate Renewable Energy Council (invited)

Net metering has been an essential policy for the expansion of solar, and it is under attack in states throughout the country. Hear opposing perspectives on the fairness of net metering and its costs and benefits in this moderated debate.



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