"To expand the use of all solar technologies in California and establish a sustainable industry for a clean energy future."


CALSEIA is funded by memberships through annual membership dues and fundraising events such as Solar Summerfest every year at Intersolar North America. 


  • Enact Legislation to encourage removal of barriers and policies that help provide an open and competitive market
  • Create and/or Modify Regulations to promote safety, durability, and a competitive market
  • Create and/or Maintain Incentives to build the market to a size that allows the installed cost of solar energy to compete with non-renewable energy resources
  • Ethics to encourage the ethical conduct of companies participating in the solar market. CALSEIA is not a law enforcement organization but it can provide resources to assist people to find the appropriate law enforcement organization.
  • Codes and Standards to ensure safety and reliability and to standardize requirements to reduce costs and improve construction efficiency


CALSEIA represents all facets of the industry spectrum:

  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Consultants
  • Financiers
  • Utilities
  • Educational Organizations
  • Local Governments

Furthermore, CALSEIA currently has representatives for the following technologies:

  • Solar thermal for water heating, process heat, electric generation, cooling, space condition for residential and commercial applications
  • Solar electric (photovoltaic) for electric generation on homes, businesses, and to the utility
  • Concentrating solar for electric generation, process heat, and cooling
  • Solar pool heating for recreational, athletic, municipal, and therapeutic pools in commercial, residential, and municipal pools


In Washington, National SEIA performs similar activities, but with a national focus. SEIA and CALSEIA are separate associations. Membership in CALSEIA does not confer a membership in SEIA, and vice versa.

Solar associations are also working in other states, some of which also include the suffix “SEIA” in their names (for example OSEIA in Oregon and COSEIA in Colorado).

There are a number of other solar associations in California that are not affiliated with CALSEIA. CALSEIA coordinates with these other state solar associations as it sees fit.