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Address 3020 Old Ranch Pkwy
Seal Beach
1800MySolar is one of the largest solar brands currently servicing the US. Stop paying for your power! Produce your own! Call the Solar Experts!

A-C Electric Company

Address PO Box 81977

A.M. Shine Solar

Address 5910 Nevada Ave.
Woodland Hills
As a solar integrator, A.M. Shine Electric specializes in solar electric systems, both on and off the grid. We provide high quality planning, design and installation using the most efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art materials.We also install solar backup batteries and provide general electrical work. At A.M.Shine Electric we place the highest priority in providing personal attention and excellent customer service.

Abengoa Solar

Address 1250 Simms street
Abengoa Solar Industrial Systems (ASIS) is a developer working to promote distributed solar thermal and PV systems for commercial and industrial use throughout the US.

Advanced Conservation Systems, Inc.

Address 42622 7th Street East
Advanced Conservation System, Inc., (ACS) will conduct a free solar site evaluation at your home, analyze your electric usage, design your solar electric system and provide an investment prospectus for your review that includes details about currently available CEC Rebates and Tax Credits. Solar electric systems, like all energy improvements, are an inflation proof investment that pays an ever increasing tax free return. ACS specializes in solar electric, solar domestic hot water, and solar pool heating for your home or business. We are the contractor to call when you are serious about energy independence! We process our client's rebate applications and have been providing solar and energy improvements systematically engineered to provide the greatest cost efficiency since 1983. We service the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Victor Valley, Apple Valley and the surrounding areas. Harness the sun, control your energy future!

Advanced Solar Products

Address 270 S. Main Street, Suite 203
PV project developer and EPC contractor for commercial and utility-scale projects. Design services and O&M services offered. Subsidiary Solstice Manufacturing makes a fast ballasted mounting system for roof, ground and landfills/brownfields.

AEE Solar Inc.

Address 775 Fiero Lane, Suite 200
San Luis Obispo
AEE Solar was founded by David Katz 1979 as Alternative Energy Engineering with the goal of bringing renewable, non-polluting power to homes and businesses in the northern California coastal redwood region. Thirty years later, AEE continues to deliver the products, training and support needed to succeed. We supply resellers, contractors, integrators, and installers the field-tested, reliable products they need to design, install and maintain renewable energy systems.

AET - Applied Energy Technologies

Address 22367 Starks Dr.
Clinton Township
AET¿s mounting solutions fit every type of solar installation and all major solar modules. Designed for cost-driven projects, they are lightweight for easy handling, shipped in high density (resulting in lower freight bills), and galvanized for corrosion resistance. AET's highly-trained installation crews offer complete installation for their customers.

Aiva Technology, LLC,

Solar PV system engineering. Semi-conductor equipment engineering, solar cell research, renewable energy development.

All Solar Electric, Inc.

Address 2476 Eckhart Road
Yuba City
Family owned and operated in Yuba City since 1993, first as All Electric, then incorporating as All Solar Electric in 2008, we are committed to building strong customer and community relations. We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor holding both B and C-10 license classifications. Our highly trained installation team is renowned for their quality of work and courtesy with customers. With a deep interest in sustainability that goes back to the 1990¿s, the folks at All Solar Electric are dedicated to the development and expansion of renewable energy solutions for current and future generations of Californians.

All Valley Solar Inc.

Address 12128 Sherman Way
North Hollywood
All Valley Solar (AVS) has been installing and servicing ST since 1986, with 10 years of experience prior to that. Always specializing in the highest quality installations and techniques, we are uniquely positioned to be the installer of choice in Southern California. Systems are designed to last over 30 years virtually trouble-free. We almost always install drainback tank systems, which do not require the expensive maintenance of glycol systems, but do require more experience and finesse in design and installation. The end result is simple, trouble-free operation. The Contractor and Owner of All Valley Solar is Ted Bavin. He has been designing and installing high quality solar hot water systems for 36 years. All Valley Solar was formed in 1986 at a time when most solar companies were either going out of business or lowering their quality to abysmal levels to survive the elimination of the Federal Tax Credit. Since then, AVS has serviced thousands of orphaned systems has been an invaluable experience in understanding which types of systems would stand the test of time. In recent years, our experience with drainback-type systems has resulted in unparalleled competence at designing and installing CSI Compliant solar hot water systems. Benefits of AVS: The benefits of using All Valley Solar are: - Use of long-lasting, less expensive, low maintenance Drainback systems - Skillful in maximizing your CSI Rebate - Precise calculation of your cost savings, profits, and return on investment - Experts in solar thermal hot water systems - Experts in solar PV electrical systems - Great customer service, from installation through maintenance!

Alten Products Co.

Address 2423 Old Middlefield Way, Suite
Mountain View
Welcome to Alten Products Company. We are local contractors who specialize in installing and servicing solar pool and solar hot water heating systems for your residential or commercial needs. We have been in business since 1974 and look forward to assisting you.

Alternative Energy Systems

Address 13620 Hwy 99
Alternative Energy Systems is a Chico, CA based licensed, bonded and insured solar integrator. Alternative Energy Systems was founded by Lance McClung and Tim Hamor with the idea that we all need to share in the responsibility of maintaining and improving our environment for generations to come. Our goal is to provide superior service, highest quality equipment, and to build lifelong relationships with our clients. We specialize in the design and installation of Agricultural, Commercial and Residential Photovoltaic Energy Systems.

Altsys Solar Inc.

Address 1434 E. Tulare Ave.
AltSys Solar Inc. is a full service solar distributor/installer for the Central Valley and more. Our honest business and tremendous efforts to build exactly what the customer wants and needs has carried the business successfully. Our word of mouth reputation and testimonials pay tribute to the company¿s endless effort to finish the job right from start to finish, in addition, bring another happy customer to The AltSys Solar Family. As a growing small business, we provide reliable, affordable, and stellar solar systems.

Ameco Solar Inc

Address 7623 Somerset Blvd
Ameco Solar designs, installs and services solar powered appliances for home and business. With forty years of experience, we are solarexperts in every common use of solar energy: solar electric, solar pool heating and solar water heating.

American Solar Power Inc.

Address 6054 San Fernando Road
American Solar Power is an LA based company installing solar systems since 2009 on a subcontracted basis for some of the most exacting clients in the industry. We are residential, commercial, and small utility scale experienced.

APG Solar

Address 2339 N. Buhach Road
Alternative Power Generation, Inc., dba APG Solar, is a full-spectrum alternative energy generation provider. Brent Jerner opened the doors in December, 2004, and the company has seen steady growth in each of the ten ensuing years under Brent's ownership and management. Even in a difficult economic climate, APG remains debt-free, financially solid and profitable. APG's primary focus has been sales, design, installation, maintenence and service of grid tied Photovoltaic(PV)systems for industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential applications.

Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

Address 1940 Rutgers University Blvd
Aquatherm is the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar pool heating systems, and the preeminent leader in polymer technologies for solar heating applications. Our core competency is the marketing, sales, and manufacturing of low-temperature solar thermal collectors for use on residential and commercial swimming pools.

Arise Solar

Address 2565 Alluvial Ave. #152
Arise Solar works hard to ensure premium customer satisfaction with every installation. We have an in-house designer, with top-of-the-line installation crews and journeymen electricians to guarantee the highest quality solar installation for your home!


Address 1143 Blumenfeld Dr.
Specializing in Utuilty Scale Solar parks.
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