We Are California Solar

Since the 1970s, CALSEIA has advanced the common interests of the California solar industry, helping make California's solar market the most robust in the United States. Comprised of California solar contractors, manufacturers, distributors, developers, utilities, engineers, consultants and educational organizations, CALSEIA represents a diverse membership committed to growing the California solar industry. CALSEIA provides solar industry members located throughout California with a presence at the Capitol in Sacramento, at the CPUC in San Francisco, and at hearings and workshops throughout the state. As a policy-dependent industry, it is imperative that the California solar industry engages politically to fight for, and defend, good solar policy in California.  

Help Us Fight for the ITC!

California’s solar market will experience a wild ride as consumers rush to beat the 2016 expiration of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Without an ITC extension, or anything that comes close to providing that level of financial support and certainty, a bust looms on the horizon. We can’t let that bust happen. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a critical part of the solar market equation. It’s worth an “all hands on deck” Fight for the ITC Campaign.

Help Us Win...

UL 1703 Fire Code Database

California recently adopted a new code requirement that go into effect January 1, 2015 wherin all PV systems are required to be given the same class rating (A, B, or C) as the roof upon which they are to be installed.  This change in state building code is dependent on an updated UL 1703 testing procedure. Many  manufacturers have completed testing and/or are in the process of doing so. CALSEIA is creating a convenient, comprehensive database of UL 1703 fire classified systems as a service to contractors and building officials alike.